Ferrari Classic Cars Past and Present Making the News

The supreme luxury sports car marque Ferrari is never far from making news headlines, whether it is the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 racing team or, say, their ever popular sports cars like the Ferrari 458, winning even more automotive accolades than you can shake a stick at. One thing is for sure – the Ferrari cars, and the brand as a whole, has always been evocative.

Even from their humble beginnings at the start of the 20th century by their founder and automotive engineer Enzo Ferrari, the company owes much to its racing roots and heritage. The Maranello based super car manufacturer has long been synonymous with the motor racing world, especially as Ferrari is the oldest Grand Prix team in the world.

Ferrari F620

This month was the time when Ferrari chose to announce their new successor for the hugely popular Ferrari 599, the all-new F620. The Ferrari F620 has got a hard act to follow, as the 599 has been a great success for the Maranello based company. This new car is expected to feature the same V12 engine which has also been used in the company’s newly released Ferrari FF all-wheel-drive model.

The engine that will feature in the F620, however, is rumoured to have a higher power output engine that will deliver an amazing 700bhp, which is nearly 50 more bhp than the FF model.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Also in the recent news was the auction sale of a rare 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, which ended up selling for an epic £20.2million (or $32 million) by the auctioneer’s company Talacrest, who specialise in luxury cars.

The 250 GTO is a legend and is widely regarded as one of the World’s most sought after Ferrari’s. Only 39 250 GTOs were ever produced from 1962 – 1964 and this particular 250 GTO was believed to be sold by its private English owner and alleged to have been bought by an unknown buyer from Spain.

250 GTOs are powered by a 3.0-litre V12 engine, which produces 300hp, allowing this special car to be able to achieve 0-60mph acceleration in a mere 6.1 seconds and 174mph as its staggering top speed. This is very impressive, even by today’s standards, and especially so for a sports car produced in the early 60s.

The 2013 Ferrari California

This week, the company with the logo of the ‘Prancing Horse’ has just announced the replacement for the current Ferrari California model will be unveiled at the 2013 International Geneva Motor Show in the Swiss city of Geneva. The Italian sports car company have announced that the all-new luxury Grand Tourer will be more powerful, lighter and feature a new “handling speciale” package.

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Car Insurance Quotes For Students – How to Save Money

Most young drivers, especially students, focus on one thing, finding the cheapest car insurance. Most young drivers or students belong to the high risk category, since student drivers are involved three times as many accidents as normal drivers.

Here are some tips for student or young drivers to save money on car insurance:

When you buy a car, be sure it has a small engine and no modifications
Considering in installing an alarm and immobilizer to earn discount. Park your car in a well lit area especially at night
Agree on mileage limit if you only travel at short distance and never drive during rush hour.
Providers offer fast bonus schemes to students allowing them to earn a full year discount mostly in student car insurance in around 9 months.
Shop around to get many quotes for student car insurance
You can add your parents as named driver to a policy for a marginal discount
Remember that driving an inexpensive car may prefer third party only or third party fire and theft coverage to comprehensive covers which may cost more in annual premiums than the vehicle is worth.
Although there are lots of auto insurance companies that offer a wide variety of plans that you can chooses from and as student can’t afford to pay high prices for car insurance but by law one need to have at least liability insurance. If ever you can afford comprehensive then it is much better.

As what other used to say, student car insurance can easily put a family down to poor house especially if there is more than one of them. They used to say that having a good school grades you may qualify for a discount and if you drive carefully.

You can also get a discount. Try to ask the insurance company for your car if what additional student discount that you may qualify. For sure they will assist you on that.

Always find the best auto insurance for student quotes. There is cheaper car insurance for students usually cheaper than average quotes. However, you need to purchase the prescribed minimum limits of liability which take cares of car accidents victims’ injury and property damage. One should find out the various factors that insurers consider while calculating the cost of coverage, the amount of auto insurance quote that they would offer you and see if it suits in your budget.

Most students choose to drive the oldest cars that are only worth a few hundred dollars. You can also have your quotes for car insurance online through the internet which is more convenient and easy to compare. Just be sure that you go to a reputable insurance company since even in the internet, there are also some frauds.

You can explore and search for car insurance quotes for student online and even you can purchase online if you want to. The choices are yours and decision which insurance company you want to choose.

To begin you’ll want to get a few car insurance quotes for students [

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